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Primera Division: Messi Extension: Headwind for Bartomeu

Former presidential candidate Agusti Benedito has attacked President Josep Maria Bartomeu of FC Barcelona and accused him of lying in the case of the extension of Lionel Messi’s contract, saying:”Bartomeu said the treaty is signed, but that’s not true,”the 53-year-old said at a press conference.

According to the incumbent president of Barca, the Argentinean superstar has long since signed a new contract with the Catalans.But Benedito vehemently contradicts this:”This contract has no validity without Messis signature”.The father of the exceptional expert as a proxy had indeed signed the new working document.However, this is not enough.Messis contract in Barcelona expires in 2018.A few weeks ago, Barca announced an extension of the star striker without celebrating it with the usual procedure.

Benedito, who wants to overthrow the current president, has long since found the culprit in the contract poker table:”It is possible that Bartomeu’s presence is the main obstacle.I hope the President is telling the truth, because this is not the first time he’s lied.”

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