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Ligue 1: Dani Alves to Forlan: Shut up.

Dani Alves of Paris Saint-Germain has attacked Uruguay’s icon Diego Forlan with furious words.The winner of the Golden Ball at the 2010 World Cup, Edinson Cavani, Neymar and Forlan’s fellow countryman Edinson Cavani, had commented on the clash at Paris Saint-Germain.


Dani Alves was not very enthusiastic about the statements of the routine player who is now kicking in Mumbai:”Shut up and stop using my name for controversies”, the lawyer twittered towards the Uruguayan.

Forlan had particularly criticized Neymar’s behavior, which appeared with a lack of respect.His Selecao colleague Alves was also not left unscathed in the criticism of the former striker of Atletico Madrid.

The Brazilian international refused to give the ball to Cavani before a free-kick.Instead, he gave it to his buddy Neymar.But Alves fought back and described the situation like this:”I don’t know what game you saw, but I didn’t take the ball away from any of my teammates.They took the ball from me.”

Alves is said to be particularly keen on restoring PSG’s team climate to its former glory.The newcomer had invited the whole team to a team dinner and wanted to improve the atmosphere within the group.

Coach Unai Emery was also delighted with the Brazilian left-back defender’s effort,”It’s a great idea.I’m very happy that Dani Alves organized this,”enthused the PSG coach at a press conference.

However, the PSG coach was not embarrassed by the penalty kick:”There are two players who are able to shoot penalties.There will be a first and a second shooter from now on.I will let them know who will be the first and the second,”the 45-year-old clarifies.

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