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Premier League: Liverpool FC: Klopp calls for calm after Sieglos series

Jürgen Klopp has called for rest after four victorious compulsory matches for Liverpool FC in series.The German Reds coach does not want to make any rash decisions.

Ten goals conceded in the last four games speak for themselves.Liverpool has a problem with their own defensive and has not been able to score in the last few games.

Before the second duel with Leicester City, however, Klopp warned within a few days of short-term consequences:”In four games we were clearly the better team, but couldn’t achieve the desired result,”Klopp explained and added:”We can now panic because of the results or we can say:’ It’s okay, we play good football'”.

He put a counter-question to his critics:”Do you think any team in the world would like to play against us?” Klopp said,”I’m not panicked.The central message at this point in time must be not to panic.”

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