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Premier League: Chelsea and United face wheelchair hassle

Chelsea and Manchester United face legal consequences.Both Premier League top clubs do not meet the guidelines for wheelchair fans.

“This is a miserable result,”Paralympics winner Lord Holmes is quoted in the Telegraph.The result is an investigation by the English newspaper, according to which the Premier League rarely meets the requirements of wheelchair fans.

Each club was required to have a minimum number of seats for restricted fans due to the circumstances in its own venue, and a number of guidelines must also be observed.Eleven out of 20 clubs could meet these requirements, but Manchester United, Everton and Chelsea are lagging behind.

Holmes is disappointed:”The Premier League should actually show what we’re capable of in sport, but has an extraordinary spot because only just under 50 percent of them offer the basic accessibility”.

The clubs could now even have a lawsuit in their house.The English Commission on Equality and Human Rights is investigating cases at Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge.It would cost all Premier League clubs around 7 million euros to meet the requirements without interruption.

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