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Champions League: Liverpool’s Jürgen Klopp praises Pep Guardiola’s game idea

Champions League: Liverpool's Jürgen Klopp praises Pep Guardiola's game idea

Jürgen Klopp raved about Pep Guardiola and his game idea after FC Liverpool’s quarter-final against Manchester City in the Champions League.

“When I don’t have to play him, I love his football. You don’t have to force me to watch city games,” Klopp told the picture.

The fact that Liverpool beat the top favourite from Manchester makes him proud, Klopp said: “It’s outstanding that we have managed it. But that’s the beauty of football: better quality doesn’t always come through automatically.”

After the excitement with Liverpool, Klopp is now looking to Germany. On Sunday, the district derby will take place: “Even after two and a half years on the island, nothing has changed that I still keep my fingers crossed for the BVB and Mainz, and if time allows me to watch the games”.

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