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Champions League: Sahin:”A Kane’s callousness was missing”

Borussia Dortmund lost their first match of the new Champions League season against Tottenham Hotspur.BVB star Nuri Sahin commented on the referee’s performance after the defeat and explained what his team could have done better.

Question: Mr Sahin, what is your first impression after the game?

Nuri Sahin: It was an interesting match with many chances on both sides.I think we did well in the first half.After the break, Tottenham waited for counterattack and drove it properly.After the 1:3 it was difficult for us, of course.

Question: Two goals conceded were a little reminiscent of the preparation.The outside was levered out and the ball played behind the chain.

Sahin: Yes, the first goal definitely.We let ourselves be enticed too easily and then took the hit in the same way as in the preparation.In such situations, we have to prevent the penultimate ball.

Question: Can Roman Bürki be reproached for conceding goals?He has twice left the short corner very wide open.

Sahin: No.I’m the last one who blames Roman here.He’s already saved a lot of games for us.He himself was very sad, I told him in the cabin that something like this could happen.

Question: You were involved in the second goal when you lost the ball to Harry Kane.What went wrong there?

Sahin: I wanted to commit a foul and I think there was a contact.I was sure that the referee would whistle, but he didn’t do that.Of course, I could have just knocked the ball out, but I was sure that Kane would want to get in touch with him.But then it was not decided on foul.Actually, I don’t think anything of the video evidence, but today I would have liked to have had one.

Question: How do you rate the performance of the referee in general?

Sahin: You have to see the 2:2 on the level and also in his speech he was not pleasant, did not let himself be talked to.Nevertheless, I do not want to criticize referees, after all, they are also people.A lot of whistling was going on today, but that’s no excuse for defeat.

Question: Was the team a little too sweet in the duels?

Sahin: I wouldn’t say too sweet.Before the 2:1, I wanted to have a foul, as I said, and I think it was one.What we’ve been missing is more like a Harry Kane’s callousness.On the level, of course, these little things are decisive.

Question: What do you think of Harry Kane’s game?

Sahin: That was very strong.He’s a world-class striker, he showed it again today.His movement in front of the third goal shows the difference between class and world class.He just puts these things in, that’s where I take my hat off.He is also a pleasant player in exchange.


Question: This was your first defeat this season.Is there anything positive that you can draw from this game?

Sahin: We had very good chances against a strong opponent away from home and scored a regular 2:2.If that’s given, it’s another game.Unfortunately, it should not have been, in such a lot of decide simply details.Nevertheless, you can take a lot out of this game – both positive things and things we still have to work on.

Question: Did the coach give a speech after the game?

Sahin: The coach said something briefly, we were very self-critical and of course disappointed.When you see that a regular goal hasn’t been given to you, you hang on to it and feel sad about it.The last pass or a toe was simply missing.

Question: Peter Bosz swapped positions before the game.Was this rotation surprising?

Sahin: We have a lot of games, we have to rotate.Also to think about the health of the players.The coach decides.It was clear that we would not play all seven games in the same formation in 21 days.And the guys who played today aren’t bad either.

Question: Next, Real Madrid is waiting.How do you see your starting position in the group now?

Sahin: The defeat didn’t make it any easier, of course.But we still have the second leg against Tottenham at home and the other games have to be played first.The direction in which it actually goes can only be determined from the 4th day on.I want to see the day of the match.I expect two finals on the fifth and sixth matchday.It won’t be easy either way.

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