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Champions League: BVB-Keeper Bürki reacts to Patzer:”Not my best day.”

BVB goalkeeper Roman Bürki didn’t look good at the first two goals against the Tottenham Hotspur in the 1-3 at the Champions League opener, scored both 0:1 and 1:2 in the short corner.On Instagram, the Swiss commented and admitted that he hadn’t had his best day.

“Yesterday wasn’t our best day, not my best day.But we don’t let our heads down,”Bürki wrote.The Swiss player referred to a quote from Leicester goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel and sent a blow to his critics.

Bürki quotes Schmeichel with the following words:”It is a myth.Something I’ve never understood.Someday someone once said that goalkeepers can’t concede goals.But anyone who’s ever been in the goalkeeper knows that this is a big area and you have to cover the entire goal.Short post, long post – you try to cover everything and you’re not happy no matter where he goes in.”


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