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Champions League: Alvaro Morata believes he will make it to the final with Chelsea FC

Alvaro Morata believes that it is possible to reach the Champions League final with his new club, Chelsea FC.With Real Madrid and Juventus Turin, he has already reached the final of the royal league.

On the club’s homepage, the Spaniard said:”With all the teams I’ve played for in the Champions League, I’ve reached the final and I hope that will be the case again this year,” the 24-year-old added:”It’s very difficult to win the Champions League, but I think we have a good team and with a strong mentality we can do special things”.

Last year in Cardiff, Morata didn’t stay on the pitch long for Real, but it was his third final in the royal class.As early as 2014, he won with La Decima of Madrilena, before moving on to Italy’s top club Juventus Turin, with whom he knocked Real out of the competition on its way to the 2015 final.But he lost this with the Bianconeri against Barcelona.

In the first group game against Qarabag Agdam, the summer newcomer did not play Chelsea, the Blues won 6-0.

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