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Soccer: World Champion Augenthaler turns 60:”You can’t always go fishing”.

On Saturdays I sometimes think:”You can’t always go fishing or skiing,”said the 1990 World Champion before his 60th birthday.Birthday on Tuesday the sports picture.Ten years after losing his last job as a coach at VfL Wolfsburg, he is back in the limelight – and he never wanted to become a coach.

“To me, being a trainer meant experiencing gypsy life, I didn’t want to be,”he told the kicker.Augenthaler has always been and still is one thing above all: close to home.Even the step from Vilshofen in Lower Bavaria to Bayern Munich at the age of 17 was “a great leap forward” for him, the picture book Bavarian said, but he is nevertheless celebrating his birthday abroad: In Graz, where he was head coach for the first time since 1997, with friends and partner Sandra, without a bluster.

In the meantime,”Auge” lives on Lake Ammersee. Since July, he has also been working for his FC Bayern again – as an expert at fcb. tv and in the youth training of the international football schools. 404 Bundesliga matches (52 goals) he has played for the citizens of Munich, celebrated seven championships and three DFB cup victories.Legendary his 50-meter goal against Uli Stein in 1989 (“I’ve always enjoyed shooting”) or his horns gesture against Real Madrid (“We’re not at bullfighting here!”).

He experienced his darkest hours as a football player after a foul against Rudi Völler in 1985:”A real Bavarian hatred erupted and for months there were death threats,”said Augenthaler, saying that the two friends went skiing together.

His trainer life was similarly moved.His changing error against Düsseldorf, the alleged nodding against Karlsruhe (“I crossed my eyes on the clock”), or the 42-second PK as Wolfsburg coach (“I really had my nose full”) – all this served the image of the smoking wheat beer lover.Fighting against these stereotypes he gave up at some point, thinking,”Take me like you think I am.”

Straight, honest, just, fair, sensitive, reliable “, said Augenthaler (27 international games) to the kicker.Not even the triumph of Rome in 1990 had changed his life,”Of course, not even the fame.I don’t care about myself.”

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