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Bundesliga: Selke experiences “culture shock” in prison

Bundesliga: Selke experiences "culture shock" in prison

Davie Selke from Hertha BSC attended the juvenile detention centre in Berlin. The striker exchanged around three hours with young offenders and was not only able to convey a message, but also learn from it himself.

“I realized how lucky you actually are in life. I’ve got an idea of what life in prison feels like. That’s gross,” Selke is quoted from the picture. According to his own statements, the 23-year-old also tried to convey a message.

He explained to the young people “that responsible behaviour is important. That it is important to take responsibility for one’s own life”. Last but not least, he was of the opinion that “everyone deserves a second chance. Also these guys”.

Selke spoke of a “culture shock” after discussing with the young men, some of whom still have up to 15 years of imprisonment ahead of them: “But one understands that many have a difficult environment and poor conditions. Of course, you can’t excuse the deeds.”

The meeting was organized by the Supp-Herberger-Foundation. Their member Michael Herberger was delighted about the Selke visit: “We have prominent guests with us every now and then. But Davie’s the best Davie ever got. He went to a lot of trouble.”

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