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Bundesliga: Lemke criticizes Hoeneß: “Old Uli again”

Bundesliga: Lemke criticizes Hoeneß: "Old Uli again"

Werder Bremen’s long-time Bundesliga manager Willi Lemke (72) has criticized Bayern Munich’s President Uli Hoeneß for his recent public appearances. Lemke was particularly impressed by the much-discussed press conference of the Bavarian bosses in October.

“Unfortunately, that was old Uli Hoeneß again, and no longer the Uli Hoeneß with whom I drank brotherhood after he got out of prison,” Lemke said in an interview with Sport Bild.

After years of clinching, the long-standing Bundesliga grands had approached. Lemke had recently experienced Hoeneß as a “very reasonable, socially-minded, well-discussing person”.

Hoeneß, was a guest at Lemke’s 70th birthday.

However, Lemke now found the press conference in Munich to be “bizarre. I was scared. I think they were completely wrong about the way they did it and would not do it again today,” Lemke said about the general accounts of the Bavarian bosses with the media: “It was impossible for them to behave towards the media.

They should coordinate with each other and ignore the industry leader for a month, Lemke said: “The responsible persons would go to the ceiling in rage.”

The former Werder boss has a simple explanation for the recent thin-skinned appearance of the Bavarian bosses: “They don’t know how to live in failure.”

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