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Bundesliga: Focus on the player: Geiger plays what he watches

Hoffenheim’s match winner against Schalke is 19 years old and comes from his own youth: Dennis Geiger did not for the first time indicate his outstanding possibilities on Saturday afternoon.

Almost exactly a year ago, on the 24th.September 2016, Dennis Geiger scored a goal.The 2-0 in the 36th minute.I’ll be on the phone in a minute, to be exact.It was almost 200 spectators who witnessed the 5-0 victory of Hoffenheim’s reserve in the regional league against SC Teutonia Watzenborn-Steinberg.

Almost exactly one year later Dennis Geiger scored another goal.

This time more than 30,000 people in the stadium and some more on various screens could testify to this.This time it was 1-0 and the opponent was Schalke 04; it was definitely a goal that the Kraichgau team had lifted to the top of the Bundesliga league table until Borussia Dortmund.

So a lot has happened at Dennis Geiger’s, in this almost a year.

Well, one thing remained the same: his club.And that’s since the U12, when the defensive midfielder joined the Hoffenheimers.I’ve known him for a long time,”said his coach Julian Nagelsmann about his on-off protégé,” I’ve been training him in his youth, he’s an exceptionally good footballer.

So exceptionally good that the 19-year-old was allowed to sign a professional contract at the beginning of the year until 2019.And since the summer it is over with Watzenborn-Steinberg, with Worms and Pirmasens in the regional league.On Anfield Road against Liverpool, against Bavaria: this is the new, beautiful football reality for violinists.

He had already been in the starting eleven on the first matchday of the league against Bremen,”He has seen and taken over some of the world-class sixes’ matches,”was the not unimportant praise of his coach,”He is at the very beginning, but his development is heading in the right direction.He took a big step.”


Geiger made an impression in his 341 minutes of compulsory play.With his shrewdness, cleverness and prudence in the central midfield.

Also against Schalke, where he became the fifth youngest goalscorer in Hoffenheim’s league history after Niklas Süle, David Alaba, Nadiem Amiri and Franco Zuculini, some mouths remained open again.Then she showed herself again, this ease in his play to try things out without becoming a security risk on the sensitive position in front of the defense.

“I appreciate him,” was Nagelsmann’s new song of praise after Schalke,”that he suppresses the opponent’s ideas.It is also extremely ball-safe.And he’s not afraid to make mistakes.”

The gap left by Sebastian Rudy at his departure for FC Bayern would be filled in an unexpected way:”For a 19-year-old, he’s already ripped off quite a bit,” emphasizes Nagelsmann Geiger’s gaming cunning,”he has the necessary aggressiveness and sometimes commits a tactical foul.

Against Schalke, Geiger caused the most fouls in 1899, but also conquered most of the balls and played most of the passes in half of the guests.I just ripped off.

An adjective, incidentally, which can also be used at Geiger’s Premierentor.At the edge of the penalty area he was played, delayed briefly, had the cross pass rolled a bit, only far enough that Ralf Fährmann took this one step to the right too much, and then he shot him in the left corner.

“Dennis Geiger is a good guy,” said keeper Oli Baumann, confirming the reputation of the newcomer from his own academy,”Dennis Geiger is a good man, and he has developed extremely well over the past year and plays incredibly well for his age.

If one listens to the protagonists in Hoffenheim, then the chances are very bad that Hoffenheim II can hope for Geiger goals in the next duel with Teutonia Watzenborn-Steinberg.

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