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Bundesliga: FC Bayern again with record turnover

Bundesliga: FC Bayern again with record turnover

In 2017/18, Bayern Munich once again set financial records. The money is to be invested in the team this summer.

The famous time deposit account of FC Bayern for the transfer offensive planned for next summer is full to bursting. The German record champion set another sales record of 657.4 million EUR in the past fiscal year 2017/18.

“The further increase in our financial strength will allow us to make the necessary investments in the squad of licensed players in order to remain competitive among the top European elite of professional football in the future,” said CFO Jan-Christian Dreesen at the Annual General Meeting on Friday evening in the Audi Dome. The FC Bayern stands “on a very solid foundation”.

Net income after taxes totalled 29.5 million euros. As of 30 June 2018, FC Bayern AG’s equity amounted to EUR 451.3 million and current assets (receivables, bank and cash balances) to EUR 210.7 million.

“I’m doing this job for two, three more years and I want to hand over a full cash position to my successor. Then they can do what they want with the money,” President Uli Hoeneß had already stressed recently. “The powder is dry,” added CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. This means that there is enough money to continue the urgently needed upheaval in the outdated squad in summer at the latest. The FC Bayern will “do a lot there”, Hoeneß said. Investments of at least 200 million euros are allegedly conceivable.

As a result of the “pleasing earnings situation” (Dreesen), the Munich-based company will distribute a dividend of 40 cents per share to the shareholders of the AG, “which will result in a total distribution of 12 million euros and a dividend of 9 million euros for FC Bayern München e.V.”.

Revenues from gaming operations amounted to EUR 172.7 million for Bavaria, plus EUR 189.4 million from sponsoring and marketing and EUR 107.8 million from media marketing. Total personnel expenses for all employees of the AG amounted to 302.5 million.

Since the spin-off of the licensed players department into FC Bayern München AG in 2002, the club’s revenues have risen by 355 (!) percent from 176 million to over 600 million euros, according to the club.

The association should again be “very satisfied with the economic result. In addition to the sporting successes of the past season with the win of the German championship and the good results in the Champions League, this result is proof that FC Bayern also had a good year in the economic sector,” said Rummenigge. In the 2016/17 season, total sales amounted to 640.5 million. Net income for the year amounted to 39.2 million.

At the annual meeting of the Bavarians on Friday, no new elections were scheduled. Hoeneß is elected until 2019. The contract of CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge also runs until 2019, but a contract extension seems to be only a formality.

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