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Bundesliga: Despite abolition: protests against Monday games

Bundesliga: Despite abolition: protests against Monday games

Despite the announced abolition of the Monday games, the Bundesliga fan scene is not completely satisfied and wants to continue its boycott. Protests will also take place on the 13th matchday.

“We are pleased that the clubs of the 1st Bundesliga want to abolish Monday games. That’s not enough for us! We want to abolish Monday games in general – in every league,” the Bundesliga fans announced in a joint statement.

The aim now is to support the German substructure in its efforts to ensure that matches are also only scheduled from Friday to Sunday: “The protest, which has picked up speed considerably in the last two years, was only so strong and effective in the public eye because it was supported in solidarity from the first to the fifth league”.

Accordingly, it is to be expected that the first 45 minutes of the Bundesliga matches will be accompanied less loudly than usual. Whether all fan groups will continue to participate in the boycott, however, is currently unclear.

The DFL had confirmed about a week ago that the games will be a thing of the past with the start of the 2021/22 season on Monday evening. In the future, more matches will be played on Sunday. However, the negotiated TV contract will apply until 2021.

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