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Bundesliga: Bremen dreams of “green-white wall

Bundesliga: Bremen dreams of "green-white wall

SV Werder Bremen, in the person of President Hubertus Hess-Grunewald, would like to see a standing-room grandstand in the Weser Stadium. The “Green-White Wall” could be reminiscent of Borussia Dortmund’s Westfalenstadion.

Hess-Grunewald talked with the picture about his wish. The extent to which this can be implemented in the coming years, however, is questionable. For the time being, the Werder president wanted to describe the standing-stand only as a “vision”, for which he had “great sympathies”.

Currently, other things are higher on Bremen’s list. For example, the construction of the new junior performance centre for around 32 million euros. In addition, a sponsor is sought who would like to include the Weserstadion in his portfolio.

Werder Bremen has to raise around three million euros annually for interest and repayment of the loans taken out. This sum is to be taken over by a partner and in return the name rights of the stadium are to be granted.

“We know that many fans do not want to give up the name Weserstadion. We don’t want that either. But we have economic necessities that we have to meet,” said Hess-Grunewald. Of course, the club favors “a marketing that gets the name Weserstadion.”

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